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Tom Upton

So then you used the white bal card for the Twilight preset? Ihave yet to bond wit the split toning panel...Thanks for keeping the stage blood off the glasses.

I arrived here because i am inclined to buy your Lightroom Quickstart. I am cramming to teach a class full of civilians here in Palo Alto. Codifying and distilling Lightroom is like solving a Rubick's cube in a burning house.

Good sense of humor, I'll buy the book! and yeah, I hate camera bags. I have five. Domke wins every time but there is no padding...

Tom Upton
Palo Alto


Ah yes, that photo's meant to be a bit of a head shaker. The white balance card is really sort of a prop, since I've overwritten it by applying the split tone.

Two ways to get a better feel for applying split tones to a B&W photo:
1) Apply some of the Preset panel's existing effects and see which ones strike you.
2) Just pick two tones in the panel and drag the sliders all the way in each direction to see if something strikes you. After finding a mix you like, create a Preset.
In any case, split tones are still kind of novelty and, so, best used for limited purposes.
(See pages 170-171 for details.)

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