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My Peachpit Press colleague Glenn Fleishman has a detailed rundown on the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit over at TidBits:


There's a much easier way to move photos from Lighroom to the iPad: http://alloyphoto.com/plugins/mobileme-gallery-lightroom-plugin/.
I'll try to post a walk-through of the process soon.


A still-in-beta app—Photosmith—just might bring us that much closer to the notion of carrying only your camera and iPad into the field.

With this app, to be released sometime in March 2011, you would port your photos to the iPad where you could then mark picks and rejects, plus add tags. That would give you a big jump on organizing your photos before returning to your main machine. Once you connected the iPad and main machine (whether by WiFi or USB) Lightroom would import them and pick up your pick/reject marks and tags.
Of course, it's still in beta so we'll have to wait and see.

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